Salon8 in Hohenems

In december 2021 I took part in a project organized by Ursula Dünser and Karin Nussbaumer in Hohenems (A). Due to Covid-19 restrictions and a lockdown, I couldn’t show my planned performance „cutting wax“ there (may happen in 2022). BUt I showed a video installation with my performancevideos „bewahre“, „befreiungsakt“ and „first sip“ in a shop window, accompanied by my text „Es reicht vollkommen einfach da zu sein“. In another window my over-painted photographs from the „bewahre“ performance and my handdrawn cards were on display. The dedicadet organizers managed to reorganize and opend the salon8 for one day in december, with the participating artist on site, showing more works and even working on site. It was soulwarming to meet the other artists and all the visitors.

Fotos by Ursula Dünser & Karin Nussbaumer

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